duct cleaning

Our Duct Cleaning Service Will Keep Your Indoor Air Clean

You can tell the difference between a clean home and a dirty one just by the quality of the air you breathe when you step in. You likely don’t even want to think about the amount of dust, allergens, mold and bacteria that can build up inside your HVAC and duct systems. And you probably also don’t want to think about how the air generated by your heating and cooling systems pick up those particles while it’s blown through the ducts and out your vents.

Don’t worry – Dial One Mears Air Conditioning & Heating Inc offers duct cleaning services in Phoenix.

What’s a duct cleaning like? Good question. Our Phoenix team will:

  • Inspect your systems ahead of the cleaning to ensure harmful materials aren’t inside the HVAC equipment.
  • Use high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuum equipment or a vacuum that releases particles outside your home.
  • Implement industry best practices to brush and clean the ducts and heating and cooling systems to dislodge all particles and contaminants while protecting your home’s equipment.
  • Keep your home clean by putting protective coverings around their workspace.
  • We’ll do the dirty work for you so you can breathe cleaner air and enjoy a more comfortable home. Give Dial One Mears Air Conditioning & Heating Inc a call or use our online scheduler to book a duct cleaning service appointment.