The right lease can help you get access to the commercial equipment you need to get your business rolling

Are your air conditioning repairs and your electrical bills high? Would you like to reduce them? Dial One Mears Air Conditioning has put together leasing programs that will eliminate repair bills for the term of your lease and lower electrical bills.

Many businesses need to upgrade equipment, but a large capital outlay is not always the most productive use of your hard earned cash. Leasing enables you to have all the equipment you need, right now, when you need it the most. At the same time, leasing lets you pay for your new equipment as you use it, instead of all at once.

Leasing commercial equipment can be the right financial decision for your company

Good Reasons Why You Should Lease:

  • Keeps working capital free for other uses; not tied up in fixed assets.
  • 100% equipment financing including installation cost.
  • Offers a hedge against inflation by allowing you to acquire today’s needed equipment at tomorrow’s dollars.
  • Tax advantage such as 100% deductible lease payments.
  • Maintains borrowing capacity by allowing you to acquire equipment without using current credit or reducing your borrowing power.
  • Overcomes budget limitations by letting you pay low monthly payments thus holding expenditures within budget.
  • Purchase options can be one dollar (lease to own) or – with a lower monthly payment – ten percent of the original cost or fair market value. Terms range from two to five years.

“No wonder leasing is the most widely used form of capital equipment financing today. It makes wise financial sense.”

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