To the management at Dial One Mears:
Below is a copy of the note we sent to our neighbors. We were very impressed with your service rep.
Hi Neighbors,
You probably saw the promotion from SRP for a $29.99 check of your cooling/heating system. Well, we requested that service and had someone here the next day. The young man was from Dial One Mears in Phoenix; he was very thorough and professional. We were apprehensive that he would find “something wrong” and recommend repairs or replacements as companies so often do, but he found everything in good order and really charged only $29.99. We were very pleased with their service.
Just thought you might want to know.

Pat and Paul G.

As a new widow, buying a new AC/heater system could be very traumatic, but the service salesperson explained everything and answered my numerous questions. I was very impressed that Gary Mears appeared near end of the day to inspect everything and help with the clean-up – what a guy. Everyone was careful to make as little mess as possible.

Satisfied Customer

I have been with Dial One for 15 years. They never failed to come when I called, or failed to keep their word.


My new Lennox system had made a vast difference in the comfort level in my home during the extreme heat in Phoenix. I am waiting my first electric bill to see if the efficiency of my system will have lowered my electric usage.


Power bill dropped $350 a month after installation of two new Lennox XC25-048 High Efficient condensing units along with two new Lennox SL280UH090V60C-03 furnaces with Healthy climate filters. With old system had to set at 78 degrees now set at 80 because of comfort level.


Tray, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate David and Richard. They installed my new air conditioning unit yesterday, 11-21-16. What I appreciate most was their knowledge and commitment to their work and their kindness to me. They worked hard and did a great job and went that extra mile to get the job done. As David said, he did his job as if he were doing it for his family. You are very lucky to have such good men working for Mears. Richard is new to me and I found him to be very respectful. His southern upbringing was very apparent. I am a longtime customer and will continue to be one. Thanks again David and Richard.

Pat C.

Same day service (within 2 hours). Replaced fan motor. Honest and reliable. Technician explained all my options to where I felt I was not being taken advantage of.
Highly recommend!!!!

Chris W.
Peoria, AZ

Dial One Mears has been my choice for 10 years. I am a happy customer.

Phoenix AZ

We purchased a unit from them in October 2014. The experience was great and the person that came out to the house was very knowledgeable. He gave us three choices and he knew the differences between the units and was able to discuss pro’s and cons. The price was very competitive and well explained.
On the day of installation things went very well. Not only does the house cool very well now, but I have saved some $100.00 monthly utility bills. They also explained the advantages of a second return register and they were right on target the house cools better and more evenly.
I also really like the computerized thermostat as I can program in the temperature and it cools to that temperature without me having to adjust it. It even has a cool app for my cell phone.
This is a great company made up of quality individuals that are knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs an a/c unit or simply service on an existing unit.
Again great company and great to do business with. I would give this company five star rating with no hesitation.

Sam Garber