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Lennox Boiler

When you have to have heat you can count on to help you through severe winters, choose Lennox® boilers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Boilers have picked up a reputation for being ineffective, but cutting-edge Lennox machines carry up to a 95% AFUE rating.* These boilers are built to pair with previously installed radiator or under-floor heating systems to generate energy-efficient home comfort all winter.

Not only are they effective, Lennox boilers are made to last. They contain elements like cast-iron heat exchangers and titanium burners. Without a standing pilot light, they’re also less risky and more dependable than ever.

You can pick from gas-fired water boilers, oil-fired water boilers or gas-fired steam boilers. Want help deciding which model is a good fit for your house? Our heating and cooling experts can be of assistance. Reach out to us at 602-832-7808 as soon as possible and we’ll help you pick the right match for your family.

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Lennox Boiler Comparison Brochure

Lennox Boiler Comparison Card

Lennox® boilers are designed to easily integrate with your system and offer energy-efficient comfort through even the coldest winters. Click to download our current Lennox boiler product comparison card.

5 Benefits of Going with a Boiler System

High-efficiency boilers have a variety of advantages, like:

  1. Easy maintenance—There are no ducts to keep up and no filters to change. Also, boilers won’t push dust through your rooms.
  2. Limits allergy circulation—Boilers don’t disturb allergens, so they are a great choice for those with allergies.
  3. Enhanced zone control—The zone control you receive with a boiler is almost impossible to top.
  4. A more humid environment—The moistureless air correlated with colder months isn’t an issue for homes with boiler systems, since radiant heat doesn’t commonly dry out your environment.
  5. No worrying about blocked vents—You don’t have to worry about clogging up the heat sources in your home when you have a radiant heat system. You also don’t have to go on keeping doors open to provide heat circulation.
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We’ll Help You Buy the Right Boiler for Your Space

Boilers are an energy-efficient and budget-friendly way to make your home more comfortable. Contact Dial One Mears Air Conditioning & Heating Inc at 602-832-7808 today or contact us online today about finding a new boiler.

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*Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measures an appliance’s efficiency in converting fuel into heat over the course of a year.